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About Us

GearNetwork started from a thought one day, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a website where I could find local camera gear for rent from individuals like me? If I didn’t have to spend my whole day tracking down that last piece of gear I need for my shoot…” From that moment on, GearNetwork was born.

GearNetwork was founded in 2014, bringing a peer to peer equipment rental networking system to industry professionals and hobbyists alike. After years of working in the video production, GearNetwork founders Kaelan Baraty and Lindy Brown know time is valuable and shouldn’t be spent searching for gear.

GearNetwork allows you to search for camera gear, crew or other production services where you need it. We will contact each vendor on your behalf with your equipment rental, crew or production requests. This allows for the vendors to come to you, saving countless hours of searching, while helping to support local businesses.

The Founders

Kaelan Baraty

Entrepreneurialism has been in Kaelan’s blood ever since he was a kid. Combine his Entrepreneurial spirit and his love for photography, Kaelan co-founded GearNetwork as he saw a need for a peer to peer equipment rental networking system. With over 10 years working in the video production and video equipment rental industry, Kaelan is the CEO and co-founder of GearNetwork.

Lindy Brown

Born and raised in Minnesota, Lindy moved to the Bay Area shortly after College, starting her career in Finance. After working in Finance, she quickly learned that her passion was working in video production. Prior to GearNetwork, Lindy worked as a Video Producer for a successful production company, gaining valuable insight on the interworking of the industry. With a extensive background in finance, Lindy is the CFO and co-founder of GearNetwork.